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    It’s very interesting to see this.

    I would love to open source some of my older games too, but a lot of them use paid assets and tools. I would have to painstakingly rip out all the paid licensed stuff and just release my own things.. So that’s why I don’t do it.

    I’m glad they open-sourced it. If the game had a small community, that community can still keep playing til the sun explodes. It also serves as great learning material.

    All in all, very valuable contribution to gamedev, even if the game isn’t something you’re interested in. I hope to see more this kind of deal in future!

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      There is Duelyst 2 in the works. I am not sure if is by the same devs or not though. It would be cool to see this open sourced game be forked and compete with the new game.

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        It started as a fan project but was eventually officially licensed: https://duelyst2.com/#about

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        I remember a while back getting the source code for… Gish? Of all things with some purchase. It was very confusing for me trying to understand what was going on with the code.

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        As someone who has occasionally modded retro games, I really wish more old games got open sourced. Modding Alpha Centauri, for example, has been a huge pain with several different developers laboriously reverse engineering the machine code.