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    Let’s Ban Non-Compete Agreements law onshape.com

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    Agreed for most rank-and-file, including knowledge workers, but I feel that a blanket ban is problematic. It just turns non-complete lawsuits into more expensive/dangerous trade secret or misappropriation lawsuits (i.e. California). Even the company featured in the article isn’t removing non-completes for its executives.

    Some useful advice for those that currently live in a non-complete state: edit the agreement to your liking and initial it before you sign it. This could include shortening or removing the length of time, or having the company pay you for the duration. Most companies don’t actually care (for rank-and-file) and just have it in there because a lawyer said they could, and those that do are generally willing to have a discussion about it, depending on the size.

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      And the “conditions must be really bad at your company if you have to NCA employees” is a nice response to the standard nonsese “that’s standard practice”, “we’re just so far ahead of the competition”, “we really invest in our employees” pushback.