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Some communities get upset when you submit your own blog posts/projects. How does Lobsters feel about this?


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    Personally, I would prefer to see people submit their own stuff rather than links they read elsewhere. So yes, please submit your own posts/projects.

    Also, if you don’t feel like posting text somewhere just to post the link here, feel free to make a “self” post with no URL to host and submit your writing here. (Wacky idea: support username.lobste.rs or a user’s custom domain to map to a page that just lists that user’s self posts (or those tagged with something?), as a pseudo weblog/comment space).

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      Maybe a link in the user’s profile?

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        Nice idea, self posts and ASK Lobsters are usually the most interesting topics.

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          I really like the idea of being able to do some posts here directly and linking to them via a custom domain mapping. This could be a type of micro blogging that isn’t so limited to 140 characters. I’m not suggesting this to replace a full blown blog but it might be another useful type of interaction especially since the user base here is very technical. If you really wanted to get fancy you could have lobste.rs automatically post your post title and link to twitter if enabled in your account. This also lends itself to conversations like are springing up here but with a more community oriented experience rather than just comments on an individual blog.

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          If it’s good, I don’t see why not. Personally, I’d rather avoid a lot of what I see on other sites (hacker news, I’m looking at you) where it’s three paragraphs of some rather obvious observation but a lot of what’s posted here is from blogs and projects. No reason why you can’t tell other people about your stuff, sometimes that’s the best way to get feedback to improve.

          Just my two cents/pence/$local_smallest_denomination.

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            I had the same question. Good to know the answer.

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              On a related note, what should the format be for projects? Show Lobsters: ProjectName? Maybe there should be a special format for showing off projects which pulls in useful data from github/bitbucket

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                What about just a tag, ‘project’?

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                  yep, just suggested it in the more tags thread. https://lobste.rs/s/p6asvq/more_tags/comments/oejqqd