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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Apart from working, I want to write a blog post about Observability and infrastructure.

    Also continuing on my creating and operating a production ready Nomad cluster blog series (unpublished still, as I want most of it “done” before starting to publish.)

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      I’d be interested in reading this!

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        I’d be interested in reading this as well. Working on precisely this, at work.

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          I’ll see if I can get someone to post the link once it’s posted, as I can’t yet as I am a new member and my blog is on my own domain :\

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        Trying to grok the Common Lisp ecosystem… Roswell SBCL Quicklisp SLIME StumpWM…

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          A lot of different things packed together. If it helps:

          • SBCL: One of the most common compiler (think clang/gcc)
          • Roswell: Kind of a launcher, set-up environment for Common Lisp, can provided you with various version of compilers and etc. (think stack for Haskell… kind of)
          • Quicklisp: Your package/library manager (think pip, dnf, apt) for the Common Lisp
          • SLIME and SLY are two major mode for Emacs to make the development of Common Lisp flawless and highly interactive. (I don’t know any system that is really on par with those two besides similar set-up for Scheme/Racket in Emacs)
          • StumpWM: an X tiling window manager written in Common Lisp.

          A little bit of a ELI5 because they tend to pack a lot of features and like most of the tools around Common Lisp, they tend to be super flexible. Hope this helps a bit to choose where to put your focus.

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            Thanks, very helpful! I think most blurry right now is the lines between Roswell / Quicklisp, and when (and when not) to use one or the other, seems like there is an overlap?

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              TBH, I never used Roswell but some points to now is that when you use Roswell to download a lib/package, it will use Quicklisp behind the scenes, the scripting interface tends to be slow due to warm time for the Lisp environment, distribution of script/program may or not be easier with Roswell. Roswell at least allow you to run script from the command line. For me, the image-based view of Common Lisp was something hard to get used and internalize and still is.

              Sometimes the terminology for “system” and “package” was hard to grok due to divergence between CL and mainstream terminology. I really like to read and come back to Pratical Common Lisp and Loving Common Lisp. The later is more recent and talk about more “modern” topics: ML and whatever.

              If you have to see it yet : State of the Common Lisp ecosystem 2020

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          I’m back to work after my paternity leave so I’m catching up with projects and trying to understand how best I can steer my team :)

          Otherwise, I’m looking into search solutions for static websites (ones that are created at build-time). I might just clone one of the existing projects so I can better understand the problem/solution area so that I can write a blog post about it!

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            I’m starting to work on Dendron, a tool to make digital gardens of notes with a powerful VSCode plugin to query and refactor the notes.

            I have two wikis now, one with GitBook and one with Dendron where I plan to do more in depth note taking, using all the best features of the tool.

            Quite excited about working and making this digital garden space better for all. 🌿

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              Sounds great, gonna check it out. Perhaps one day also available for Sublime Text?

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                Certainly. Something I want to look into. :)

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              Preparing for a public launch! Exciting after several months of building in private beta :)

              That mostly means putting all new features on hold, and going through our backlog to see what’s essential and has been put off…

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                Publish ebook within 2-3 days and take rest of the week off

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                  What book are you publishing?

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                    100 Page Python Intro - for those already familiar with programming basics.

                    You provided feedback for first few chapters last year, thanks again :)

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                      oh fantastic! Good luck with the release 🚀

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                  Trying to improve my Go skills to implement an rss2email knockoff, because Python is hot garbage and keeps breaking on me for reasons I don’t understand at all.

                  Also clearing up and organising all my paper. There’s a lot of it.

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                    More .NET core and JS. Also got added on to one of the infrastructure teams at work, which should be a nice change of pace.


                    I’m working on anno-server, which I intend to act as way to distribute anno data, and Praxis, which is a schema validation and rendering library. Some of what I’m aiming for is kinda like Web-admin libraries, mixed with Ecto, but I want to keep the core schema definition and validation library from relying on any of the other bigts.. It’s still very basic right now, and in it’s early stages, but building and rendering and defining schemas has been a very good exercise in building a library in Janet (or in dynamic languages in general). Overall, the goal is to have a library that makes it much easier to build easily skinned websites with data validation and the like in Janet.

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                        Please post an update next week so we can track your progress on this very important project.

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                        Working on a COVID care app for for the day job!

                        Also performing due diligence on legal setup (e.g. establishing an LLC) before formally publishing the first episode of a game later this month.

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                          $work: writing up an interview i had with a local entrepreneur. $home: working on my website and trying to get it/gemini/gopher? all together

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                            Well over the weekend I wrote https://github.com/lf94/facebook-messenger-normalize . So that was fun.

                            This week I need to desolder my old switches off a failed keyboard build and solder them onto a new one (Iris by keebio).

                            I would like to finally get to my privacy article but I’ve found myself caught up in “Understanding power” by Noam Chomsky which has a lot of intersections.

                            I’m also doing some data forensics on a corrupt thumb drive. So far I’ve just been dissecting FAT32 directory entries by hand but plan to write a small Rust utility to extract everything.

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                              • Applying for jobs (got on a spree this week-end and waiting for feedback, changed my strategy and hand-picked 10 jobs offer to apply this week)
                              • Trying to write a bit about the abstraction layer I built around Raku to have a better understanding of what is going on.
                              • Going for walk in the snow as much as I can!
                              • getting a pixel 4a 5g and taking the time to set it up.
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                                Work: Adding BigQuery support to Preql.

                                Life: Will try to work up the energy to go get a haircut

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                                  Nothing fancy, but continuing learning Rust by reading Hands-On Microservices with Rust & trying to reproduce examples with updated crates.

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                                    Work: Hooking up a legacy API to GraphQL as a part of a modernisation effort for a chunky API endpoint that is core to the company I work at.

                                    Personal: Hopefully receiving the parts for my corebooted X200 that I need: 8GB of RAM and a modern Ahteros wifi card. I will be getting it set up with an OS as well if I have time.

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                                      After 10 years of using BÉPO (= french dvorak) as my sole keyboard layout, I spent the week end learning QWERTY with Klavaro like I did for BÉPO. This week I’m committing to QWERTY as my only keyboard layout, and I’m gonna be struggling…

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                                        Why are you switching back? The ubiquity of the QWERTY layout?

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                                          The ubiquity is definitely one of the biggest reasons (if not the biggest reason) to QWERTY.

                                          Now, there are multiple reasons why I’m switching away from French dvorak:

                                          • In the last 7 years, I’ve been mostly writing English. (I would say 80% to 90%) French dvorak worse than QWERTY when writing english. (W on BÉPO is where ] is on QWERTY!)
                                          • hjkl are totally different in BÉPO (it’s ctsr), this lead me to remap my entire Vim. Since these letters clashes with some other shortcuts, I had to remap them too. This means that my local Vim short-cuts are nonsensical. For example: cw (change word) is . I also had to remap vim third party modules, etc. It reached an unmaintenable state. Also I had to learn both short-cuts for everything, since I still need to edit files on servers with a default vim config.
                                          • BÉPO, like AZERTY (which is the default french layout), both use “symbols without shift and digits with shift” on the digit row. Many incompetent front-end developers make broken credit cards webforms which wont let you press shift when typing numbers.
                                          • Many other pains due to bad software developers or customizations getting out of hands…
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                                            I appreciate the breakdown. I keep thinking I should try other keyboard formats, but then I keep thinking that’s not a tool I need.

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                                        I’m checking out Plan9 on my Raspberry Pi and doing some OpenGL work.

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                                          I recently published a project that I maintain on some organization’s Google Summer of Code/Outreachy landing page. So now I’m getting a steady stream of new contributors who want their GSoC/Outreachy applications to look better, or whatever.

                                          It’s certainly an interesting experience. I’m getting the sort of experience being a mentor that I definitely won’t get for several more years in my “regular” career. Having new contributors also was great motivation to fix the (awful!) developer experience in the project, which I have since greatly improved.

                                          Sure, I’m helping people get tech experience, but it also feels weirdly extractive, having all these people offer to do work for free (and knowing that they’re not “organically” coming to the project and offering to help out). I don’t know what to do about that. Google certainly pays enough for the actual GSoC/Outreachy stipends, and I feel like paying for preparatory work opens up a can of worms.

                                          (I’d prefer not to say what the project is, as I don’t want to link this account with other identities. It’s a fun-ish project, though.)

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                                            Trying to implement an SMTP Server that integrate with our Rails app for sending email out. I have been doing email forwarding and sending is the most requested feature. I points our user to use “Gmail send mail as” but that requires user to enable App Password which is a hassle to setup.

                                            Also focus on building SEO and content, blog post etc to drive traffic.

                                            The app is https://hanami.run if you are curious. The stack is Rails+Go+A bit of Crystal.