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Being up front, I work on an open source, zero trust overlay network and this project was built around that project. It’s similar to ngrok, cloudflare tunnels etc but it’s purely open source and totally self hostable. Since it’s all open source and self hostable, I don’t mind sharing it myself here…

The source is all up on github at https://github.com/openziti/zrok

If any of that sounds interesting, check out the blog, the youtube channel for a video series etc.

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      Oh this looks pretty cool. How does the networking technology compare to other things like SSB or IPFS?

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        Thanks, I enjoy working on the project and think it’s cool. =) i’ve actually never heard of either SSB or IPFS. I went to the google but there were a few SSB’s I found and none of them seem correct. IPFS seems like maybe https://ipfs.tech/ ? Not super familiar with that but looking at it it seems to be about decentralization more so than private sharing? I’m not sure if you can do “purely private” sharing like you can with zrok (basically you share something at localhost ‘privately’, and i ‘access’ it via my own ‘localhost’ prompt “privately”.. (the diagram on the site would help visualize it, or maybe one of the videos from the playlist)

        So it seems like IPFS is solving a different issue, assuming I understand it “close enough” after a whole 3 minutes of googling/reading about it :)

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          This is SSB: https://scuttlebot.io

          It’s a peer-to-peer gossip protocol that can be used for messaging, social networking, as a distributed database, and more.

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            lots of similarities overall but some differences with scuttlebot:

            • node vs golang
            • gossip vs public anonymous public sharing or explicit private sharing which seems both similar and different :)
            • no exposed port on “your” server infra directly exposing your service it’s indirectly exposed via the OpenZiti overlay itself

            overall i can see why you’d ask how it compares. i don’t have any exhaustive listing but those are some things that just kinda jumped out at me as i read the scuttlebot site. thanks for sharing that with me too!

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