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    For some context on who the author is, he maintains a few flatpaks and wrote another post in response flatkill https://theevilskeleton.gitlab.io/2021/02/11/response-to-flatkill-org.html

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      The real reason that the Linux Desktop has not yet been adopted by the Masses: As soon as it is, people claim that it isn’t a real Linux system. Android is the most widely deployed DE in the world. Linux has won in the client space: Windows has a smaller install base and macOS / iOS / iPadOS / WatchOS are much smaller even when counted together.

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        Overall, I agree that the toxic community is a huge part of why linux is worse to use than it should be. I think that the community has been (very slowly) growing out of these pointless wars over the last decade as they have become cliche.

        If people aren’t bothering to report bugs that affect them on a daily basis, I think it’s useful to ask why. I know that the last few issues I’ve reported have been shot down. You start to think that perhaps these projects have different goals and standards than yourself and that reporting bugs wont do anything other than annoy the devs.

        It’s true as well that developer skill and time is in short supply. So free software projects need to be able to onboard people easily (ideally with documentation) as well as merge community patches easily. I’m not the only one who has had patches rejected, for reasons that do not seem fair, and eventually given up trying to contribute.

        On that note, everything is made worse by fragmentation. We have a massive amount of duplication of work across the linux space. The hard work of solving problems is being repeated over and over again. Since people are working so hard just to get things to work other improvements to our software never get done.

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          And it’s been like this for well over 20 years.