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A relatively simple language written from the ground up, producing statically linked binaries with zero dependencies.


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    with so many new languages popping up I almost want standardized checklist of features. Probably something like Rosetta Code

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      Like this humorous one?

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        That’s already filled in at http://eigenstate.org/myrddin/lang-checklist

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          Oh god. How did I miss that? It was right in the sidebar.

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          Good one. That could be applied to just about any software though, not just compilers and language design.

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          Are you tired of your compiler Just Working? Are you tired of having your standard library having the basic functionality you need? Do you long for the days when men were men, and debuggers operated on the assembly level? If so, Myrddin is for you.

          Edit: This is a direct quote from the website so not sure why I got marked “troll”

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            Would’ve been nice if it had been


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              ah thanks

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              I should say that things have come a long way since I wrote that – the language is still far from mature, and the libraries are far from batteries included, but I’m running into fewer and fewer pain points. I can even write thousands of lines of code without fixing a bug in the compiler.

              DWARF output is still not there, though.

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                Yeah, still the warning is appreciated before some wild startup tries to use it in production or other nonsense. Neat work!

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              c + algebraic datatypes is a wonderful space in language design; i’m always glad to see it being explored.

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                I should also point to the wishlist, for people curious about what I’d like to do with this in the future.


                (And if anyone feels like contributing to my toy.)

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                  Goals sound very similar to Rust - is there a comparison?

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                    There is no comparison, this is clearly a hobby project.

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                      Some of his bylines sound slightly familiar to Rust, but the language in no way appears to be. Rust is much “safer”.

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                        Rust is definitely a lot safer. This project was started with the goal of being able to easily write relatively low level things like an OS, back when Rust still had a mandatory garbage collector, segmented stacks, and a much more complicated type system.

                        Over time, Rust actually seems to have moved towards where I was headed. And one of the things that I’m looking at is improving type safety, so there’s probably going to be some more convergence in the future.

                        And I’ve got features like first class Plan 9 (9 Front) support. Which are absolutely critical in a modern language.