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I’ve figured out that I don’t know anything about lobsters and I found the video ok enough to share it here.

Occasionally I’m wondering why this site got called Lobsters, just because of the great domain? Because lobsters are great animals? Because we are all kind of a lobster?

Thank you for your attention.


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    The site is only called Lobsters because of the fun domain. There’s no deeper meaning.

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      I always wondered. The only way I could fit name to behavior is that they watch what happens without much activity. That’s low-noise, link aggregator part. Then, they spring into action when they see anything to their tastes or in group disputes. Typically calm and quiet, occasionally a flurry of activity.

      I dont know what they do in the wild but that’s what they do in a tank in the local stores. Name fits fairly well if we leave it at that level of detail.