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    Only tangentially on topic: I hadn’t noticed there’s a Talos II in a more hobbyist affordable price range now. Last time I looked the complete-system prices were $7k or so, and that’s still what the flagship one goes for, but now they have a $2k “Entry-Level Developer System” with one 4-core/16-thread CPU. For $2.5k you can bump it to 16G RAM and 8-core/32-thread. Still not cheap for those specs compared to x86 unless you have pretty specific POWER9-optimized stuff, but it’s at least not an absurd amount of money.

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      Rumour is that there’ll be a sub-$1k option along the lines of a Mac Mini at some point, too.

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      “ Its replacement was a 2-way SMT-2 IBM POWER6 p520 Express running AIX 6.1 TL.mumble with some hand-rolled patches, and this system still runs floodgap.com and gopher.floodgap.com today.”

      I linked to floodgap in a gopher thread. Had no idea it ran on AIX. Pretty rare in the wild.

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        When you get locked into a serious computer collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can :D

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          Floodgap admin, got an invite here. Yes, it runs AIX. In fact, floodgap.com has run AIX for its entire 18+ year existence (previously it was an Apple Network Server 500).

          However, ASMI and CUoD are getting annoying, and IBM locks APARs and system updates away nowadays unless you pay them for $ervice contract$, so this probably will be the last AIX incarnation when this POWER6 gets too old to be effective.