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    It’s sad that Mozilla, the one company doing anything at all to limit DRM in the browser, is the one getting the flak about the EME specification. Neither Apple nor Google have made any efforts to limit DRM, and yet they seemingly get a pass on judgment from the FSF. It could be said that Mozilla should be held to a higher standard, but they are truly the only ones being held to any sort of standard.

    I understand the FSF believes strongly in the rights of people to have free access to content, but chastising the one friend they have on the playground does little to further the broader goal.

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      I think past rants from the FSF have shown that they dislike Apple by default, so there’s no point in complaining about them anymore.

      While I wish this DRM situation would never have come about, I think it was inevitable and is “less bad” than requiring a full-blown Flash plugin just to watch stupid internet videos. I’m glad Mozilla was able to find a technical solution that didn’t compromise the security or privacy of anyone that doesn’t want to opt into this system.