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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.


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    I deal with a very peculiar non-reproducible issue in production. I make lab environments that are identical in versions used like the one in production, yet in the lab everything works OK, in the production system it does not. This has been my past week and I’m trying really hard to not be my current with no success

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      I feel your pain. Believe me.

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      I guess I’ll be migrating really crappy legacy app from rhel5 to something newer (7 or 8).

      It is a wonderful piece of software. Database (oracle) has weird schema with lots of unrelated tables (probably forgotten from different project), missing indexes and queried by crappy queries. The main app is some sort of perl framework that was bent from its original purpose to do something very different. While starting, this framework selects a lot of stuff from the database which contains more perl (!), dumps them to a file, loads and eval. I guess it’s for flexibility. It has soap API. Not as part of the app itself, but standalone java web app connecting to the same database. This java also server another purpose - integrating with external system. The perl just sends GET to java which posts POST to another system and returns. I guess XML is just hard with perl.

      Since this has basically no documentation, it’s gonna be a real adventure.

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        Continuing to learn Perl and eventually Raku. I’ve found writing Perl to be very enjoyable.

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          Upgrading an app from python 2 django 1.11 to python 3 django 2.2

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            I did something very similar last couple of months. Let me know if you run into big troubles.

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            Making final touches before officially announcing the public beta of the web app (Cerveau) for the open-source note-taking tool neuron.

            In particular, do the following before the official announcement:

            • Finish these tasks to make UX less confusing for newcomers
            • Write a blog post describing the tech stack (Haskell, GHCJS, Nix, …)
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              Hopefully writing some more of my Lisp compiler series. Or maybe just relaxing in the evenings.

              I also want to figure out the darn calling convention before I get close to writing about it.

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                Quarantining, I just moved to Slovenia (arrived yesterday!) and need to stay cooped up for a couple of weeks.

                Going to set up my new laptop and do some bureaucracy. Maybe I’ll also teach my girlfriend some programming :)

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                  Learning scala and clojure, re-watching some anime, lazing about.

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                    Why both? They both seem to fill “better JVM language than Java”

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                      Simply because I can.

                      I’ve been trying various languages because while I love Rust to death, it gets boring using the same 1 or 2 languages all the time.

                      I love Scala because of how it feels very similar, yet different, to Rust.

                      Clojure is nice because of lisp but not gonna lie it has awful error messages.

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                        it gets boring using the same 1 or 2 languages all the time.

                        oh, you’re one of those ;)

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                          I understand the sentiment but… how is this comment a good contribution?

                          It’s a shitty thing to say to a person you don’t know. Can we not do that?

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                    Trying to find a replacement for CMake for C++ on Windows/Linux which supports both CLion (Windows/Linux) and Visual Studio. I’ve found better Visual Studio solution generation than CLion support overall: Meson, FastBuild, SCons. Bazel (w/ Lavender) is the closest so far (the closest so far–works on Linux, but lagging support for CLion 2020.2). I’m seriously about to just drop trying to support CLion on Windows and go with Bazel even though I find CLion easier to deal with than Visual Studio.

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                      Something I didn’t know is that CLion supports compilation databases, which if I do instead sounds like it will make this a lot easier.

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                      $SIDE :

                      • Getting a better hold of Pollen to see if it fits my workflow. I already know pandoc and org-mode but I was looking for somewhat in between. I look for a system that can be a blog/journal/notetaking. The next best thing is probably neuron for what I need.
                      • Reading Elixir in Action
                      • Reading and skimming Pratical Haskell mainly because I discovered the Haskell.amsterdam group and I will be happy to meet new people.


                      • Update my LinkedIn because it seems mandatory in most job offers I have seen
                      • Rebuild my CV and motivation letter template
                      • Send those CV (one day)
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                        Learning more Ink and writing a build toolchain with it that creates a website with annotated example programs.