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Hey Everyone,

Given that Twitter strictly enforces all content to be short in nature, I’m wondering if other community members feel that links to tweets may be too short to submit. I feel like the Uber Microservices/Macroservices submission last month is a good example of the brevity of Twitter not being the best material for the site. Thoughts?


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    “Are links to tweets valid submissions”

    yes, but the nature of the format means its probably harder to them to be well suited for the site I suppose.

    There are foone threads that get posted every so often, but they are often in depth threads that cover surprising topics that are appreciated by the community.

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      For context, here’s submitted twitter stories. Not visible there is that there have been five stories removed by submitters or moderators in the last six months. Two were about politics and three were about customer support issues with tech companies.

      I don’t think you make your best case here. That comment you linked to is excellent, an experienced programmer explaining a complex set of tradeoffs in high-level design where it takes years to understand the consequences of a decision. I didn’t expect that from the submission of a random tweet. But looking at the list of submitted tweets, that is really not the norm. Aside from the unusually high removal rate, there’s also an unusually high number of stories flagged below 1. (reminder)

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        I think this might be rephrased into a “what should I post?” FAQ item?

        If it’s a Twitter/Fediverse post, analyze if it’s insightful or a longer thread and not just a funny quip or link to something else.

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          People seem to be having pretty strong feelings about this; I just got downvoted as spam(!) for submitting a Twitter thread with photos of someone else’s hardware project.