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      Interesting to see that the goals of the “IndieWeb” are essentially the same as for Urbit: https://lobste.rs/s/c5gp8j/understanding_urbit

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        Only some of the goals; and the how is entirely different.

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          Indeed. It’s a very “cathedral vs bazaar” situation.

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      Perfect timing, I was just reminiscing this morning on the bus thinking about the good old days of the web and realized I need to revamp my old blog to own my own data rather than use third parties. I’ve been lazily stymied for ten years by blogger changing their policies to no longer allow ftp publishing away from their platform.

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      It seems that all pieces are in place already: Github/Gitlab pages for blogs, masto/pleroma instances for (pseudo) real time, matrix/jabber for real time.

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      Problem for me is I don’t wanna have to open access to my home network, and neither do I wanna be responsible for administering a system on the public internet, it’s just too much work to be done securely unless that’s your full time job.

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        I agree that it’s a large liability to run a system on the internet. I can imagine running an exposed VM with no private data on it (just public parts of keys for authentication) and then at least you can’t lose any data. Of course someone could hijack it and mine bitcoin or serve something nasty under your name. Maybe this is a good use case for a Unikernel.

        I would love to see a pre-hardened linux VM image with some auditing best practices that you could just put online.

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        Totally agree. That’s why I hold the unpopular opinion that managed services where you do have access to all your data written into the contract are just fine and dandy for those who aren’t willing to undertake the part time job of managing infrastructure on the internet.

        I use Wordpress.com and love them. They wrote “your data is always yours” right into the agreement you ‘sign’ when you join, it’s inexpensive, and they have all the features I want in a blogging engine.

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      Is the talk itself available anywhere? I can’t seem to find it.

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        Unfortunately not - the recording had some issues with the audio, hopefully this transcript should cover everything I said in person!