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I was a bit surprised the other day to realize that there’s no tag for anything relating to AI (e.g., machine learning) or Big Data (analytics). I did a (very) quick survey and it seems that most posts relating to some AI technique are tagged either with the generic ‘compsci’, ‘cogsci’ (which, I guess you could say are related), or math (well, yeah, AI and analytics use math, but it’s a stretch), but it seems like this deserves a tag of its own, e.g., AI and maybe bigdata.



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    I also was surprised to see no tags for data analysis, data mining, machine learning, or related quantitative techniques.

    “BIG DATA!” is a buzzword that will, hopefully, pass away in the next hype cycle. And “data science” is a bit overblown, too.

    But that said, I would post to and read a “data” tag.

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      Is “AI” necessarily “data”? I’m not sure a “data” tag is appropriate for “AI” things that don’t operate on lots of data. I would certainly appreciate a tag for quantitative techniques (data mining, ML, etc.), though.