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    Although performance is important, endurance is more important, and I’ve yet to see anyone talking about which cards are the most tolerant of write abuse. I wonder if A2 or industrial cards are any better than consumer cards.

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      Most SD average SD cards are known to be just utter garbage from both a speed and reliability standpoint. At best, they’re designed for the use case of temporarily storing pictures, videos, and music in phones and cameras. As TFA points out, it’s very difficult to find an SD card that comes with any sort of assurance that it will perform adequately as an OS volume.

      When I was putting together my OPNsense firewall on an APU2 board, I sought out a “high write endurance” SD card. These are mostly designed for dashcams and the like that will be writing to the card constantly. Their write endurance approaches that of a decent SSD. The performance of these is somewhat underwhelming but fast storage is not needed in a firewall.

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        Saw this on the orange site, and I was surprised that the cards doesn’t seem to be up to spec.

        I have bought the A2/V30 cards for large file performance, as I got them for my action camera.

        I also did get one specifically for my Raspberry Pi but that does seem like a waste now.