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      I found ocaml/ocaml: it is on an island between Clouddera and PlusPlusNation that has no name, but whose biggest country is Lispana. The other named zones are LogicLand and Immutableria (mostly Nix stuff). OCaml is south-west of Lisp. This island also the following unnamed zones (other than OCaml):

      • Haskell
      • some blockchain stuff
      • a zone that could be called PL-Academia (a lot of everything that is cool and formal; SML, Idris, Coq, Fstar, Sage (?), Koka, urweb, Agda, hackett, ATS, AlgrebraicPetri.jl…)
      • a computer algebra zone
      • Purescript
      • Elm
      • the K and J stack programming languages
      • a music / music visualization zone
      • Clojure

      A pretty cool neighborhood overall.

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      Wow, one of my repos appears on the map! I found funny that the Logic Programming neighborhood is surrounded by Clojure, Scheme, Lisp, CAS systems, and theorem provers but I’ll admit there is some truth in it :)

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        You said this and I went looking. My most starred repo is in fact on the map!

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          Super odd. I found I have two repos on there. Both are of a forensic nature, but one ended up in “GPTNation” somehow.

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      It’s cool. But where’s Ruby :)?

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        Rust is also just listed inside Clouddera (and for example avr-llvm/llvm), ruby is in Fronterra

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      It doesn’t seem to be very good at categorizing stuff. My project https://github.com/gnome-terminator/terminator is a terminal emulator and it seems to be grouped with a whole bunch of containerization and virtualization programs, possibly because of a link to the gnome VTE lib, which looks like it might have something to do with virtualization, but actually doesn’t.

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      Nice visualization! By the names of some countries I would expect them to be Galaxies instead of countries. Maybe an idea for other kind of map.

      Really interesting.

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      For some reason, my Golang GUI project is over in 1337 instead of in Golandia…