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    How favorable are you about blockchain, crypto, and decentralization?

    Why is the general concept of decentralisation lumped in with blockchains and “crypto”? Because I have very different feelings on each. 👀

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      I kinda snarkily feel like the cryptocurrency buffs aren’t satisfied with stealing the word ‘crypto,’ but want to steal ‘decentralised’ too.

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        Cryptography: Hell yeah! Cryptocurrency: No thanks.

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          How favorable are you about blockchain

          It’s a great data structure to use for logging or any other kind of append-only record structure. Some of the things that people build with this (e.g. cryptocurrencies) are a total disaster.


          Everything should be encrypted in transit, at rest and (if run on someone else’s computer) in use.


          A great way of building reliable systems.

          Because I have very different feelings on each.

          Completely agreed.

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            Ugh I skimmed right past that word. I, too, have very different opinions on these two. I’m disappointed that my distaste for blockchain and crypto will reflect poorly on decentralization which I am very supportive of.

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              I’m glad I’m not alone here. they are not the same thing!

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              Discord not in the list of chat apps? And yarn, docker, npm, unreal engine are in the same category? I feel like they’re getting too broad here so as hard to be useful.

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                I have some extremely pedantic thoughts about this question: “Which programming, scripting, and markup languages have you done extensive development work in over the past year, and which do you want to work in over the next year?” (and the similar questions about technologies/frameworks/etc)

                I switched jobs earlier this year so I went from using Typescript (which I loved) to Clojure (which I also love). I marked that I used Typescript in the last year. Do I want to use Clojure in the next year? Sure, yeah, it’s a primary reason I chose this job, but it’s also now… fixed for me. Whether I want to use it or not, I’m gonna be entrenched in Clojure for the foreseeable future. There are languages I decidedly do not want to work in, but beyond that, I tend to use the language and tools of whichever ecosystem I’m inside of. If I had taken the offered Elixir job or the offered Ruby on Rails job, I would be deep inside those ecosystems and probably spend the next year “wanting” to use them and learn them deeply too.

                So anyways, I marked Clojure and Rust and Typescript because I can see myself doing hobby projects/open-source work in them and not in other languages I’m interested in, lol. Love to overthink simple questions.

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                  I also wish there was like a, “what did you kinda look at in the past year”/“what do you think you might check out for, idk, a couple weeks before getting busy with work next year?” because I could answer those much more honestly

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                  They don’t mention Spring for web frameworks. FAIL.

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                    They do. It’s on the second page of frameworks/libs.