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    Whenever I see universe creator, I think of this simple javascript page that creates a universe where you can drill down to the thoughts of a virus on a person’s skin… and beyond. Write up on rock, paper shotgun.

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      When I have even more free time, it might be fun to try to apply the techniques from https://blog.benjojo.co.uk/post/eve-online-bgp-internet to https://github.com/rabidgremlin/Procedural-Generation-Examples/blob/master/part-ii/DrawUniverse/universe.csv, the description of the Elite universe.

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        Argh, link got messed up somehow. @pushcx or @alynpost, halp? Should be this.

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          Here’s somehow: the site has a rel=canonical link on all posts pointing to the domain.

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            I’ve updated your story link to point to the article rather than the root of the website.