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    This makes more sense if you read: this blog post by the author of Code School.

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      Thanks. More learnable languages (or just how to teach languages better) is definitely a cool project. I skimmed through the slides and honestly wasn’t super impressed with Pigeon. It seems like a simplified language, sure, but it’s presented as if the audience is already a computer programmer who wants to know how it’s like other languages. Here’s your comment syntax, here’s the control structures, etc.

      And I have to say, I think the author wasn’t particularly fair to DrRacket in the blog post:

      “Sure, you could stick to just one dialect of Scheme, but Dr. Scheme will confuse your student with a list of umpteen different dialects from which to choose. For learners, these 1200-page books, cryptic error messages, and fractured sets of dialects are frightening and discouraging.”

      Yes there are several dialects in Dr Racket, but the very well written tutorials and course materials guide you through them. And there’s even Picturing Programs which goes to great lengths to avoid some traditional stumbling blocks for learners. (e.g. Math)

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      In the not too distant future…

      making learning open heart surgery as fast and painless as possible


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        we had a group account for code school at my last job. i liked the “test” style for each level of the series. but i could have done without the musical intros for each course.