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    Most people buying used cars already have their safety at risk. The risk is that they make too little to afford new cars. That will put those individuals at extra risk across the board. It’s not really a choice they’re making with the cars. However, the point might apply to people who can afford new cars but choose to buy old ones.

    I’ll add a tangent issue. Lots of new cars are being built with various electronics or surveillance built-in. Car companies are even trying to DRM the cars in U.S. under DMCA. People concerned about those risk will be better off buying and maintaining ancient vehicles that predated those tech and practices. They can always add electronics, guidance systems, etc themselves and under their own terms.

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      It seems like cars that drive on roads or spend time parked could put your safety at risk too. Won’t someone think of the children?

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        The slashdot summary also mentioned the potential problems with buying second hand IoT devices too. Personally I think you should also watch out for first hand IoT devices from online stores such as eBay, and Google/Amazon/Apple. And there is the problem of what happens if an essential server goes down, hi Nest users! And if Tesla goes out of business, or just decides it doesn’t want to support your $15,000 car any more.

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          Clickbaity title, the article only says that you shouldn’t buy a used “smart” car and safety is not meant in the sense of _ is the car safe to drive on a road_, instead, safety is used in the context of privacy, e.g. the car can be opened or located by its previous owner through some smartphone app.

          Buying used cars is good for the environment and if you do all the maintenance work then it will run almost as good and reliable as a new one.

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            Apologies, it is a clickbaity title.

            Buying used cars and goods is good for the environment, we should be driving these cars until they die (Give or take a decade). I’d like to see some new options in the settings: “reset to factory defaults”, “create new random security keys”, and “wipe all fancy IoT connectivity which the manufacturer has now broken 5 years later after they released a few new models”.