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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      As little as possible.

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      • move back to linux
      • work on my website
      • procrastinate on everything else
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      Complete what I’m now calling “sr” for spaced repetition. I think a lot of people here will like the technical decisions I’ve made. I’ve done my best for it to follow traditional UNIX philosophies https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_philosophy#Mike_Gancarz:_The_UNIX_Philosophy. I have to say I think many will think it’s a success. I’ll publish a proper project page for this particular application since I believe it’s something that can be used by a wider audience and not just myself. The name “sr” goes against my naming philosophy of “pick something completely unique” but this is a tool I feel is way too UNIX inspired and unique in itself that it’s ok. Let me know what you think - good chance you can convince me otherwise.

      My partner is putting up the Christmas tree, so that’ll be fun to help her with.

      Continue reflecting a bit about life. My grandfather is passing so I had my last in-person interaction with him. Being my second close-family death, I was much better prepared on what I wanted to do. I just spoke to him like everything was fine, asked him if he was following the news the past week, what he thought about things a bit, what I was up to, and that was it. Didn’t even say goodbye, just told him to be cozy. He used to be a manager at a paper mill up in a little town called Espanola. One of his proudest moments is digitizing their payments system, working with programmers to make sure all cases were accounted for and what not. He was a big male figure in my life. I’m going to miss him but as I grow older I feel as people pass they’re never really gone - I’ve learned the mind (or at least mine) is damn good at capturing people in general and having conversations with them in your head or wonder what they’d say becomes quite easy. Death is way too stigmatized / filled with fear / sadness in our culture man… I definitely cried but it was out of those short moments of knowing things are ending for him and my Grandmother will be alone now. Anyway, all this to say, focus on happiness everyone 🙂

      If you ever wondered why I don’t talk about work related stuff here, it’s because I think we work too much and we should all play more. Lobste.rs is a little playground for me.

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      Writing three chapters of my current tabletop RPG project.

      Eating a lot of food.

      Continuing to drink zero alcohol.

      Sketching out a rough prototype of a Twitter clone in Crystal.


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      Continue working on a mastodon frontend which is looking exactly like current twitter :)

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        Have you seen Soapbox?

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          The Mastodon frontend made by some of the most heinous and hateful people of the Fediverse?

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            While I don’t use it anymore, it’s still excellent software. Also, it’s a Pleroma frontend.

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            Just meant to highlight it as a Twitter look-alike, if anything I’m happy for deejayy to take some ideas from it and reimplement them without the involvement of the Soapbox creator.

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              Thank you! It looks like a quality product, although the 500+ issue is a bit frightening :)

              Btw, my progress can be followed here: https://mastodon.social/@deejayy/109355794379702462

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      • matrix-rust-sdk frontend-demo
      • effektio.org web5 social organzier and its whitepaper
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        webא let’s go

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          Let web be unbounded

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          A vision, a joke or the next iteration of the internet?

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      Working on a TUI app (using Python textual) for interactive CLI exercises.

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      I spent last week writing up my love of writing. This week I’m preparing for a 3 day long workshop next week, a talk I’m giving in a couple of weeks about Derw, and then also preparing my next Computer Science for Computer Scientists meetup. I’ve also been quite busy doing union-related things, which is both fun and a lot of work

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      Today I have to implement a feature in the latest SaaS product I’ve been developing (which I won’t promote here) for enterprise customers.

      Then on my AccessKit project, I’ll respond to code review feedback on the macOS adapter, integrate AccessKit support into the new glazier windowing abstraction crate (kind of like winit), and if I have time, start working on text editing support for macOS.

      Then there’s American Thanksgiving on Thursday. There will be some kind of family gathering; beyond that, I don’t know.

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        Assuming this is your own business, I’d be fascinated to read all about your process, how you fit marketing in, and all of it.

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          I’m the technical cofounder, so marketing and sales aren’t primarily my responsibility.

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      still trying to find a notetaking app that ticks all my boxes:

      • [ ] Web, mobile (either web or native, iPad and Android phone) clients
      • [ ] Options for self hosting, or use of open file formats for easy export to a different client
      • [ ] handwriting support at a minimum (apple pencil support)
      • [ ] Not sucky UX

      Logseq is a frontrunner, but is sadly lacking in handwriting support. This makes me think that I might just abandon handwriting notes on my iPad, but that also makes me feel weird because I bought it mainly for handwriting. Would love any suggestions from the lobsters community on notetaking apps!

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        Obsidian with some handwriting plugin and you’ll be good to go. Really the best out there right now as Logseq is in very early stages and it’s slow. I use syncthing to sync between all devices.

        P.S. Logseq probably also has such a plugin.

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      Continuing with the slow progress emptying the old office. Don’t really have the motivation for it, but moving small amounts out a few times a day is slowly emptying it.

      Started building out the homelab at the weekend, atop NixOS. Using one server as the storage, the other as the compute (for now) with the nas mounted as SMB share on the compute node. Working well so far, need to migrate settings and media from the old setup into the new setup though. Finding apps that can’t be configured via configuration files is irritating. Thought I’d configure them via terraform once they were up, but found a bug in the terraform provider for the first one.

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      Had a frustrating Saturday picking at the Flake business I mentioned in my weekend note, so I failed into watching some corny Christmas movies and getting caught up on The Peripheral. So, reheating the weekend plan hopefully.

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      Work: Start getting up to speed on a new project that I’ll be scale testing with the new tool I’ve been working on for the past couple of months.


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      • Painfully try to manage to get some tasks done on a project that felt on my nap and is really painful.
      • Try to keep pondering my choice to try my hands at a management position and how much time I still to begin to make my mind
      • Getting back to sport to have work out my mind all the time
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      • continue work on https://claros.so , trying to fix up the reply feature and clean up the shitty landing page to actually show the feature
      • make a logging app for myself, similar to Google keep but also with a timeline view on top of it (and also md support), maybe throw Claros on top of it to do something,
      • I want to figure out if theres a way I can make a better version of Spotify Wrapped, ideally using a stream of listening history. Apparently Spotify doesn’t give you access to this, so if you’ve listened to a song multiple times itll only give you the latest one.
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      I’m trying to wrap my head around Python’s type checkers, and I’m finding them really … I don’t know. I want them to be better than they can be. Certainly being able to have Emacs tell me when I’m accessing a | None value is good? But it all feels a little like a singing pig?

      My new gig has me actually writing software, for the first time in five years, and honestly, it’s really fun. I’d forgotten how direct the feedback loop can be, and the quality of the tools … well, some of them are much better, and some are weirder, and some are just what the hell’s that all about, but it’s fun.

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      • Read A pattern language written by Christopher Alexander
      • Pick one WorldCup game to watch
      • Continue working on greptimedb
      • Find some tools or apps to make my own home smart system
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      • setting up my used X260 with Garuda Linux w/ sway
      • switching my main mobile device over to a ZTE “dumb” flip phone
      • hopefully getting started on writing up a post explaining both of the above :)