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      Great article, the over-dependence on lodash in many modern JS codebases reminds me of sites back in the day which would import jQuery just so they could run code on DOMContentLoaded. Howere,

      if you really do need lodash, and there’s still plenty of good reasons to use it, I’d recommend using the lodash-es package,,which breaks lodash down into ES Modules. This means modern JS bundlers like webpack and rollup which are aware of ES modules can strip the unused parts of lodash from your production bundle.

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      I think that the idea behind using Lodash is to avoid having to rewrite many functions. Yes, with the new ECMA standards you can actually write them in a neat way. But, it doesn’t mean that we should be reinventing the wheel every time.

      Also, I replaced Lodash with Ramda a long time ago. Maybe because I came from Haskell and I really needed the base library functions.

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        ES6 features also allow to do away with the need to use a function altogether, for example omit is unnecessary in the presence of destructuring. They are even removing it from lodash in the upcoming version.