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    Canonical is certainly more letigous and careful, but nothing about their policies violates the GPL. It is certainly not a simple situation, but it’s not like the GPL is simple either. To have a real conversation about the GPL and Canonical’s policies requires a lawyer.

    Ubuntu is mostly free (as in freedom) software and I haven’t heard of Canonical claiming otherwise.

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        Ubuntu is a fully bundled experience with automatic driver setup etc… A distro like this is rarely fully Free Software.

        Trisquel being the exception I guess.

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          This is a legal question about the “Intellectual property rights policy” Canonical has published. End user experience and the availability of proprietary software for the distro has nothing to do with it.

          I assume this question cannot be settled without getting lawyers involved.

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          There would be no problem if OVH wouldn’t put spying daemons in their auto-deployed Linux installations. Or didn’t fuck up package manager db’s so much you have to --force your way while installing stuff.