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    And they’re working on it.

    Kudos to the author for a nice post and @jart for accepting the feedback.

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      Impressive. Now I want to see Lua as an x86 boot loader. :-)

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        FWIW, the FreeBSD/illumos boot loader uses Lua.

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          I know, I worked on it :-)

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        This got me tempted to build Janet this way. I’ve got 127 lines of errors to go through but I hope I can get it done (the resulting binary should be small too).

        It would be nice if the author could share his build commands and stubs. Might help some other efforts :)

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          The author forked the lua repo to be cosmopolitan compatible. Commit is available at


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            My advice - enable reduced OS mode, disable threads, disable ev in the config.h .