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    On Firefox for Android, you can install desktop-grade extensions like uBlock Origin and uMatrix.

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      On iOS there’s AdGuard Pro, which accomplishes essentially the same goal, but lives entirely in the background. I’ve found AdGuard’s “VPN” connection more persistent and sticky than what I used to get from Blokada on Android. It’s so stable that I don’t even recall what the UI looks like, as I haven’t needed to touch it in six months or more.

      There’s no need to see any ads in 2019. That most people don’t realize this is mind boggling.

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        It’s hardly mind boggling, it makes the most sense in the world. The sites the vast majority of people spend the vast majority of time on have a pretty strong vested interest in making sure those technologies never see the light of day.

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          I’ve used adguard before I got this phone indeed. It doesn’t show anything and just works. However due to the fact that blokada shows me how many things it blocked I realised how much it actually was and even at times I’m not using the device.

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          Great find. I just hope using these ad blockers doesn’t leave another very identifiable trace, that of an vpn user. Can’t escape fingerprinting any way I think. Generating and throwing random data back to trackers could be the next thing to implement.

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            The VPN is running locally on the phone, resolving a bunch of known domains to It’s like using a custom /etc/hosts, except you’d need a rooted device to do this.

            Quoting the website:

            Blokada is a thin layer between the network interface (wifi or mobile) of your phone and the application/s you use. To be able to filter every outgoing traffic, it generates a local (no 3rd party service in use) VPN connection and simply blocks any requests towards the hosts defined in the blacklist filters.

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            Thanks, I’ll give it a try. It reminds me a lot of PiHole… which I have running on a separate VPN config.

            I am using uBlock on Firefox Android too, maybe I’ll disable the extension then. :)

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              Nice find. Just installed it. Let’s see what my numbers look like.

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                this finally prompted me to install blokada, especially since it was open source