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Let’s collect tech-related April’s fools jokes from today here that don’t warrant their own story.

(see https://lobste.rs/s/1xbjyc/april_s_fools_accumulator)

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      SIGBOVIK is an evening of tongue-in-cheek academic presentations, a venue for silly ideas and/or executions.

      SIGBOVIK (Special Interest Group on Harry Query Bovik) is an annual multidisciplinary conference specializing in lesser-known areas of academic research such as Perplexity Theory, Sticky-Finger Manipulation, and State Dominance.

      SIGBOVIK 2021 is the fifteenth edition of this esteemed conference series, which was formed in 2007 to celebrate the inestimable and variegated work of Harry Quintessentially Bovik. We especially welcome the three neglected quadrants of research: joke realizations of joke ideas, joke realizations of serious ideas, and serious realizations of joke ideas. (In other words: )

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        I’m not sure this is an april fools joke. The discussion seems pretty reasonable and it was proposed yesterday, not on april fools day

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          You just got Punk’d by Ian Lance Taylor! Bummer.

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          Ian Lance Taylor proposing this seems pretty April Fools-ey, as he’s usually striking down new language change proposals. Also comments from Rob Pike. Though half of the people in the thread seem to be serious, maybe this is some kind of self-aware joke about how boring Go is?

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        The submitter confirmed that this wasn’t intended as an April Fool’s day joke.

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      Not sure if it counts. Everything in the video is technically true, but the way it’s presented is still pretty funny.


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        That’s five years old.