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      Hey, this kind of comment isn’t helpful. Please either provide more context, or refrain from two-word comments.

      Indeed, there was some interesting discussion recently in light of Dominic Tarr’s handover of packages and subsequent malicious code insertion into them. An argument can easily be made that having thousands of tiny dependencies is unworkable for ensuring any level of safety. However, nobody’s going to learn about that or similar arguments from your comment.

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        My comment was directed at lobsters, who are I think all aware of the mistakes made when functions that at best deserve to be internal become their own packages. For want of a left-padding function, the world was crippled for a morning.

        My comment reminds me of the joke about prison jokes, where to avoid repeating, the prisoners have assigned numbers to the jokes they might have told, so everybody knows what is so funny even without telling the joke anew.