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    It’s amazing to me that we, as an industry, let this happen.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with driving a bus… but programmers getting pushed out of the industry because we fail to do something about ageism (such as collective action) is a travesty that we shouldn’t allow.

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      I just read the article, and I’m not sure where you get ageism here. It definitely seems like the fellow landed at several terrible employers who didn’t understand or didn’t want to pay for training, and what happened to him sounds deeply unfortunate. I just don’t follow the leap to ageism per se.

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        I think that ageism is always a factor in these dead programmer career cases.

        Then again, as much as it’s obvious that companies don’t like investing in older employees, we’re now in a state where they invest nothing in their young employees, either, expecting them to learn off-the-job in bootcamps or through side project heroics (when 99% of Github projects see no real world use).