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      Looks cool, sad that it only supports legacy internet though.

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        You mean mainstream internet? :)

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          I mean the one that was developed since 1996, officially launched over a decade ago, is used by the majority of home (so non-office or servers) users on the planet, the one that didn’t run out of addresses yet, that has been supported by all major OSs for decades, the one that RIPE is telling everyone to use for over a decade.

          But it was mostly a pun on how the people that like to call everything they don’t do, cause it isn’t trendy and hyped “legacy”. But I guess with how old, widely supported, used and stable it is IPv6 is probably legacy as well.

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        There’s a hipster internet?! I knew it!

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          I think I was an IPv6 hipster before the term hipster was widely used. ;-)

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      Nice tool. Where did you get those nice PNG maps?

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