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I’m not sure if this fits the grand plans for lobste.rs but I think it would be useful to see if anything I’ve posted has been voted, commented, or otherwise interacted with since I was last here. Particularly useful when somebody has asked a question requiring following up.


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    This could be built on top of the Lobsters messaging implementation. Do you think that would be strictly better than just sending an email though?

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      I personally hate receiving emails for things happening — those twitter ones shit me to tears, I would rather actively visit the website, glance at the top corner and expect to see a red dot with a number ala Facebook.

      Because this is a transient number which probably gets cleared once you view it, you would probably want to store it somewhere fast yet not mission critical — like Redis. But I’m sure everyone has their own opinion of this. If we come to a consensus I’m happy to build it :D

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        A nice compromise would be to have an option in your profile which would let you select where you want it to be sent. Right now, messages is a table, so if it was built on top of that, you could just do a SQL query to calculate the number of unread messages.

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          Yeah I think notifications and messages are still two distinctively different things. To clarify the use-case I had in mind was more or less just an activity feed dropdown, similar to what you see when you click “Your Threads” except only showing things which changed since you last looked at it. With a counter displaying the number of items in the list. I don’t think this is an and/or replacement for the current email, rather something complimentary.

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            Ahh, stackoverflow style. Now I understand. Yes, this could make sense.

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              It looks like some work has already been done to support this with a rudimentary key store.

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        To provide an opposite opinion, I love emails, and would prefer to get them. My email client is my to-do list.

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          Ah I should have clarified, I wasn’t suggesting a replacement for emails, just a complementary activity feed drop down sort of thing.

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        My default interface for HN is http://hckrnews.com. I know something like will be useful http://hckrnews.com/about.html