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    Isn’t this just a fancy ircd?

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      Excuse me but how is this better than Hadoop?

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        best comment on lobsters to date

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        I suppose you could look at it that way, but I think there is more value than just that…

        The main point is accessibility to non-technical team members, given the better UX of tools like this. Even being a developer myself, I don’t think I’d like IRC much without IRCCloud these days.

        With Slack and similar services, there are also lots of integrations into other services, like GitHub, etc. You could set up bots on IRC for these things, but these services make it more accessible.

        There are many other competitors in this space:

        • FlowDock
        • CampFire
        • HipChat

        I don’t use Slack myself, but have used FlowDock at a previous company.

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          With a decent mobile client and ‘session syncronization’ by default.

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            not to mention a built-in bouncer

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            I was of the same opinion initially, but just started using this on my team for the last week and the integrations/sync/device support are pretty good – combining a lot of what we were using IRC and Google Hangouts separately for.