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      This retrospective is amazing. So much information and feedback about the experience around xi. Thanks for sharing the link!

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        One thing I’m curious about: how is it calling to/from Rust from Swift? I’d love to have app core logic in Rust if possible in some cases.

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          The core is in Rust. The Mac frontend is in Rust. It’s using xml-rpc so front ends and other plug ins can be written in any language. I had/have high hopes this would replace Emacs for me (no reason to drop emacs really other than to have something more modern/fast.

          While development does continue, sadly it seems to be mired in it’s design choices. But… Emacs is getting lots of attention on it’s internals, so it may be moot ;)

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            Small correction. The Mac front end is Swift. The xi core is launched as a separate process by the front end and communication between the processes occurs via JSON over STDIN/STDOUT.


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              Sorry, just a brain fart when typing that up, I knew that it was swift.

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            Rust has the “extern c” directive to give you a c calling convention when building shared libraries. It’s a little unergonomic on the rust side as you have to convert between eg c and rust strings but jot too bad.

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              Yup, and Swift can parse C headers and lets you call C functions in a similar way. Binding Rust to Swift in-process would just be a matter of declaring a suitable C interface between them.

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            The design docs on CRDTs and “Rope Science” are fascinating. 🧐

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              Isn’t this project pretty much dead?

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                I don’t know; I starred it two or three years ago and just stumbled upon it again while searching for something unrelated. :)

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                  with https://raphlinus.github.io/xi/2020/06/27/xi-retrospective.html and the repo activities it doesn’t look good :(

                  I wish this project would have succeeded. It was fascinating.