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    Are there any mods that address some of the balance issues? Last time I played OpenTTD I got a bit frustrated when I realised that aircraft had a much higher ROI than anything else and if you just built them then you’d make a load more money than if you built a more diverse network (it’s also weird that you can build an intercontinental airport but you can’t set up flights to other continents). I’d love to play a mod where trains were slightly more profitable than anything else (they have the highest infrastructure costs) but you need to connect them with other forms of transport to get the most total profit.

    I think the problem is the way that the revenue is calculated from time and distance. Because planes are so fast (and go in a straight line and are faster over long distances on average than over short distances) they change much more. There are no goods where the cost of the foods means that paying more than a certain amount isn’t worth it so coal mines will happily pay you a huge premium for delivering via plane.

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      Anybody willing to try it out this week with voice chat? I am on central time and would prefer evening hours after 18 but before 21. I already know the basics of the game so I’d prefer to play with someone who has played before.