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    At 83, I Decided to Develop an App games ios medium.com

Particularly notable because the author is Donald Rumsfeld, former US Secretary of Defense


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    I particularly enjoyed the comments.

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      I’m by no means a supporter of “Rummy,” but while I got a chuckle out of them, it wasn’t the right forum.

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      What is notable about that? I don’t care about Linus playing tennis or Barrack knitting in their free time. They are authorities in completely different fields and frankly, I doubt that tennis or knitting pros would find their achievements any less mundane than I find creating yet another Solitaire app right now. Spam. Do not confuse important work with work of an important man.

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        I find it interesting to see older people becoming involved in app development to preserve cultural heritage - in this case a game that he believed would be forgotten. When that person is a famous politician it gives me some hope that understanding of technology is starting to reach politicians. I also thought it was interesting when Obama participated in the hour of code, for example.

        I suspect Tennis players and Knitters actually would be interested if political leaders became involved in their interest.

        That being said, I understand why you have no interest in the link - I wasn’t sure if it would be of interest to this audience or not, so I shared it to find out.

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          I feel you!

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            I believe in your good will. Have you ever thought about participating in the governance more directly? The whole system is often so backwards you wouldn’t believe it. It needs our help to get better.

            When they ask for a way to investigate data, it might take months where SQL and spreadsheed would do…