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      Server error page that includes config info. Server vuln that allows reading arbitrary files like /etc. Operator who replies to email with his real name in signature. Paying for things with bitcoins that recently came out of coinbase. The list goes on and on, but basically boils down to “thinking one can run a dark market after reading a half dozen stack overflow QAs”.

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      Oh my, someone has left the police in charge of a public health issue for far too long. I hope this will get remedied soon. If not, we are going to be a laughing stock for our grandchildren.

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        Some quotes from Krebs’ followup interview with Dutch police:

        “Sooner or later we will come to get you.”

        “We committed cyber crime, theft, fraud, we sold drugs to minors around the world, we will impose violence on those who are non-violent!!”

        “We want people to know you’re not safe on the Dark Web. We’re out and about and we’re batshit crazy!”