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    I don’t understand the use-case for this. Why would I want a framework for my prompt? What would I want to put there that would require a framework?

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      It appears to be a ‘framework’ for building/customizing prompts, which I think is quite cool (making zsh promts using zsh’s built-in prompt format stuff is really annoying).

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        ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it hasn’t really been that annoying to me. Maybe my prompt is just not complex enough, but again, I don’t know what kind of complexity you would want in a shell prompt.

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          A quick glance through the examples seem to indicate it’s mostly about setting colors.

          For what it’s worth, the project Readme is pretty damn good. It has screenshots, examples, and a capsule documentation.

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            Sure, setting colors, text/symbols, etc. It was meant to be a pet project anyway, for me to learn Nim and get rid of oh-my-zsh altogether. And thanks! I take special pride in my documentation.

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              Fair enough. I used nim to make an exact clone of another IRC bot I’d made.

              (Although, I can’t see the point of oh-my-zsh, either.)

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          I’d find it far more annoying to have to carry around some framework . I setup my zsh prompt 25 years ago and have barely touched it since. I don’t especially remember it being particular annoying or tricky to do.

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          I mean, yeah, the use-case isn’t all that much. Generally, customizing your prompt is a one-time thing. This project draws inspiration from Sindre Sorhus’ pure. Just wanted to write a Nim implementation of something similar… and this is what I ended up with :)

          And the word ‘framework’ is the best thing I could think of to describe it.

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          This looks nice. Happy to see it’s in Nim too. Excited to see more projects written with Nim appearing as the language becomes more and more stable.

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            Thank you! Nim is such a pleasure to work with.

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