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    This is a little misleadingly sensational. It’s not that the Intel chips will be OS-locked to specifically Windows 10. It’s that neither Intel nor Microsoft are going to provide first-party backwards compatibility to Microsoft Windows versions before 10. Since it’s still x86, it’ll work, but, e.g., on-die video drivers won’t be backported to 7, 8.

    There is no universe in which Intel makes a chip that is locked against running, e.g., Linux. I mean, think about it.

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      Keep in mind this can allow for them to make incompatible platform changes as well - cutting the cruft from ACPI/UEFI is common on x86 tablets, and could spread further. XHCI and NVMe are already making it hard for Windows 7 anyways.

      edit: To add, a good example of a completely legacy free x86 environment is Gen2 Hyper-V. Pure UEFI with only paravirtual devices and UEFI services. There isn’t even an i8042 faked anywhere! You need at least Windows 8.0 to boot from this, however. Windows 7 isn’t supported. (Linux, of course, runs.)

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      In other news, tail wags dog…

      I thought operating systems supported processors. What happens if I try to boot OpenBSD on a Kaby Lake? Has Intel changed it to halt and catch fire? Of course not.

      Crap article is crap.

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        “will support only Windows 10” as compared to older versions of windows. Other OSes are unaffected.

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          Okay, I get why we don’t have downvoting on stories, but can we please have something like a “Flag: blatantly misleading headline” or something? The top comment at the time I’m posting on here assumes that Intel is somehow locking the processor to just Windows 10, at the expense of other operating systems, which is a sane read of the headline. But the actual story is that Intel and Microsoft won’t bother writing drivers for this chip for Windows 8.1 and lower. The story isn’t off topic or spam, but the headline and the body are completely at odds.

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            In theory that’s what Suggest is for. You can suggest a better title for the submission.

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              I agree. We can downvote comments for being incorrect, but not stories. Time for a meta post! https://lobste.rs/s/da5lz3/meta_there_are_fewer_options_for_flagging

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              That’s the Microsoft we once knew and hated! I knew you still had it in you!

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                Microsoft ♥ OSS!

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                Feels like half the story is missing here. What’s in this for Intel and AMD?

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                  Less platforms to support I suppose?

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                    Hmm yeah could be. Plus maybe they want to drive sales of their new product?

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                  What’s wrong, Bill? Users aren’t falling for your marketing tricks? They disabled windows updates? They’re even switching to other operating systems?!

                  Oh dear, we’ll have to put an end to this!