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    Is there sam sort of a description of the framework (maybe a blogpost or a video) ? Like highlevel description & key differences from the competition in the web framework space?

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      Overview of framework here: https://github.com/treenotation/jtree/tree/master/treeComponentFramework

      No video yet, but good suggestion.

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        Is this a bug or do I misunderstand Minesweeper?

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          Sorry, it looks like the unicode symbols are not working on your machine.

          Here’s how it is supposed to look: https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/74692/66436998-4743d380-e9c4-11e9-9e70-f9683056776b.png

          Which os/browser/device are you on?

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            It’s not about the unicode symbols, but the fact there’s a mine and a 2 in the same space…

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              Ah yes that’s a bug. The number refers to the # of neighbor mines (2 in this case). When the unicode symbol is working, that number gets pushed out of view, so I hadn’t seen the bug in the logic there (not to print the neighbor number for mines). Thanks!

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                So there shouldn’t be a mine there? The top left cell claims 2, when in this case it should claim 3?

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                  It’s just a display bug. There is a bomb there. It looks like you have a Flag on a non-bomb (to the upper left of 3).