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      and unloading?

      I get frustrated when I see pages like this. They put all this work into making better infinite scroll. but part of infinite scroll is infinite memory and CPU, and thats not a thing. So for any solution to be durable, it would need to also unload images from the DOM as they are scrolled out of the viewport.

      Further, they would need to be removed from memory as well. I dont see any mention of either of those. so all this appears to be doing is encourging more sites to adopt infinite scroll without a scalable solution in regard to memory and performance.

      really, what is so bad about pagination? set page size to 50, 100, I dont care. just stop pulling pagination from sites. pagination allows you to link to a page, this can be useful for picking up where you left off. no implementation i have ever seen of infinite scroll allows this. Im not sure if its even possible.

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        I’m sure ‘unloading’ is implemented, what makes you think it might not be? I don’t see its omission from the article as evidence, since ‘unloading’ is an implementation detail and this article seems to be targeting web developers who are interested in using the feature (native lazy loading.)

        I agree wholeheartedly with your other point about bringing back pagination.

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