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Alright, can’t resist the urge to address this anymore: on Lobste.rs my phone’s dictionary and word suggestions don’t show up. It makes typing (well, correcting typo’s) more difficult, especially because Android’s text selection is already not that great. On my phone at least, which is partially my own fault since it’s set to 400 dpi which gives me more display real estate - I have really good eyes, but am not that great at typo-free writing (on any dpi for that matter).

Anyway, I’d like those word suggestions to show up. Hope it can be arranged. Your thoughts?


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      Woohoo! Thanksies!

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      I doubt there is anything Lobste.rs can do to help you – I don’t think HTML and JavaScript provide this level of control over keyboards. The best a website can do is use a <textarea> element to indicate that the text should support multi-line input. After that, it’s your browser’s and OS’s job to display the keyboard.

      I am using Lobste.rs right now with Android 5.0, a Samsung Galaxy S5, Firefox for Android, and the SwiftKey keyboard, and SwiftKey displays word suggestions fine for me. Depending on how badly you want word suggestions, you could try changing one of your environmental factors to be more like mine. You should also look at some other websites with <textarea>s, such as the MDN example for <textarea>, to check whether you experience the same problem on them.

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        The textarea includes autocomplete="off" which appears to disable word suggestions. So there’s definitely something lobste.rs can do to fix this :)

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          I thought OP was crazy, but then realised that I am also usually using SwiftKey. I switched to the AOSP keyboard and sure enough, something about the textarea here breaks predictions. I tested on your example link and both work equally there. I will try to look at source when back on desktop.

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            I might still be a little bit crazy though. ??

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          (I wonder if @jcs was already wondering when this issue would pop up ?)

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              This is the HTML-code of the comment-input-box:

               <textarea name="comment" id="comment" rows="5" autocomplete="off" placeholder=""></textarea>

              Case closed. I don’t know if the autocomplete-attribute should be even set here; it doesn’t look suckless to me. If the user wants autocomplete disabled, they can do that in their system settings. The website should not impose that on them.