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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    I’m wrapping up my font. I needed a large and thick (I have poor eyesight) bitmapped font (vectored ones appear blurry on my monitor), and I thought I’d take some stylistic ideas of mine for a spin (undotted i and j, Carolingean t, shortened ascenders on h, f, d, b, Chicago-based glyphs, etc).

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      As a fellow horrible-sight-having-person, I appreciate your work.

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        Does your font have a licence? I’d love to use it for a project that’s CC-BY 4.0 if possible?

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          Oof, I’d forgotten about this. I’ve licensed it under CC-BY now and updated the README appropriately :)

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            I would like to know this too!

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          • Applying for jobs. Thanks to a call with a director of a start up about why they did not select for further interviews, I got a few name of small companies in my field (remote sensing) in the NL. It really cheered up and my hat to him and anyone taking the time for giving feedbacks to job applicants.
          • Got a few interviews in my way this week too.
          • Finish my theme in Zola
          • Back to piano
          • Having fun with p5.js

          It’s gonna be a fun week!

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            I’m in Cancun for the week, so I’m going to visit Isla Mujeres, which I’ve heard a lot about.

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              Continue exploring what it is like to develop real-time full-stack web apps in F# sans JavaScript. Recently I learned about Microsoft’s SignalR, which seems impressive compared even to what’s currently available in Haskell.

              Having used Unix-y tech for more than a decade, I find myself being drawn more and more towards the dotnet ecosystem.

              I’ll be sporadically documenting my chronicles here.

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                Working on making a new release of my backup tool (website - https://bupstash.io) - This new release has added a ‘bupstash diff’ command to diff backup snapshots.

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                  Trying to implement rspamd for hanami, my email forwarding service and add team supports.

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                    Working on integrating the ConTeXt typesetting software into my text editor, KeenWrite. TeX output is splendid, but (writing documents in) LaTeX is not my cup of code. I prefer to write in plain text—Markdown—then generate a PDF file. ConTeXt allows its users to completely separate of content and presentation, making it a fine fit for formatting plain text. At present, KeenWrite checks to see if ConTeXt is installed, but doesn’t yet invoke it:


                    Nearly everything is wired up. This has been about five years in the making, so I’m super-excited to reach this milestone.

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                      Week off for me, somehow ended up with a todo list longer than I usually have for a working week. 😬

                      DIY jobs round the house, the most pressing are a broken toilet flush, blocked drain in the garden and moving the internet cable from running up the side of the stairs to through the ceiling in the garage instead - as the cat’s decided she’s going to try and chew through it every morning now.

                      Also looking like the weather is going to be good enough to spend most of the week out for bike rides.

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                        Mostly trying to recover from another migraine and start tracking down the causes, then finish some reading and finish up a blog post I’m working on—it’s my first attempt at illustrating one of my own posts.

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                          Made a newletter for Socializus, and will probably fix bugs and add features to it.

                          Also working on my first tech holding at work.