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      It would be nice to have Python support in the built-in IDE, but the COM layer this is built on has been accessible from Python for a really long time.

      Win32 Python includes a library for accessing COM components, and I’ve used it to script Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint, as well as some non-Microsoft programs like CATIA. There are a couple of calling conventions and naming schemes to learn, but once those are understood, converting between the VB code in the docs and the Python code is (usually) trivial.

      The Python REPL can even tab complete COM methods and variables.

      Still nice to see it get full support from Microsoft.

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      I seem to remember there was a company that sold a spreadsheet to python converter. Can’t recall their name right now.

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        Do you mean xlwings?

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      It would be a good addition for sure, but hopefully it will be done right and properly sandboxed, so it’s not another potential security exploit.