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    How long will it be until someone circumvents that OTA update and is able to do it themselves without paying for it? How easily detectable will it be?

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      Given that Tesla cars regularly phone home, you’d also need to spoof that somehow.

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        Remove the antenna perhaps, assuming it doesn’t just brick when the server can’t be contacted. These are all good reasons to be cautious of cars that may be too smart for their own good. What happens to these cars when Tesla doesn’t care about them in 20 years time, will they still work, or will they still have 100% of their current features? What if Tesla suddenly goes out of business in 5 years time? What a rogue entity gets access to the signing keys and MITM your car to push a bad update or just remotely control your car? It would be nice if Tesla was more open about their car and server software, perhaps open sourcing everything.

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          Cars that need to phone home are, one would hope, a non-starter, given that they travel significant distances and may spend arbitrarily large amounts of time with no connectivity in normal operation. However, it is certainly still something to be concerned about.

          Some of these questions are actually already being hashed out by farm machinery, of all things, where John Deere has tried to limit access to software on the equipment they sell.

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            Yes, agreed, the John Deere situation is the ugliest side of the industry. I’m sure Tesla is one of yhe better companies to rely on, my point is just that without open source everything and an easyway to build and replace all code on a vehichle then there is some degree of trust required even if it is just, did they fix all the worst bugs before shipping. As cars get smarter the trust required goes up. The ultimate trust at the moment is a self driving car, you really don’t want that to have a bug with vision, current speed input, accelerator position output, GPS positioning information, etc. Even a car with just an electronic throttle could be disasterous if the software has a bug.

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        I’ve heard that it’s been done, at the cost of future updates, service (presumably to the extent allowable by Magnuson-Moss,) and possibly Supercharger service. Tesla presumably gets metrics about crashes (including software crashes, heh) and other errors, and you’re going to generate lots of those busting their restrictions.

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        Cars are getting scary, too. What if someone finds a way to remotely control the vehicle by means of wireless communication? That sort of thinking is why I don’t want to buy a Tesla.

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          You mean like this or like this? You should be concerned about most new cars, not just Tesla.

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          Waiting for there to be a subscription service in everybody’s ECU to go over the speed limit on my inter-city roads