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    Nice progress cadey! Cool stuff as always.

    I decided to re-read why exactly you’re creating Olin:

    Very frequently, I end up needing to write applications that basically end up waiting forever to make sure things get put in the right place and then the right code runs as a response. I then have to make sure these things get put in the right places and then that the right versions of things are running for each of the relevant services. This doesn’t scale very well, not to mention is hard to secure. This leads to a lot of duplicate infrastructure over time and as things grow. Not to mention adding in tracing, metrics and log aggreation.

    Isn’t just writing everything in the same language enough to satisfy this? Even then, I find the following solves your problem: pick an os, package your software, start using ansible. This scheme supports any mix of languages and scales. Your software itself still needs to support “scaling”.

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      That would be great, except part of my longer term goal with this project is to completely replace intel processors in my stack. Making my compiled binaries target intel processors chains me to them. If I’m going to chain myself to something, I’d rather try and chain myself to a VM specification that gets interpreted/compiled&executed than give up.

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        Making my compiled binaries target intel processors chains me to them.

        So now you chain yourself to a VM spec?

        I know you know there are many x86 emulators (I’m assuming here “intel” is synonymous with this), so why? :) x86 is a spec too.

        Edit: I’m not telling you to give up, I think you’ve learned a ton from this project. But you’re reaching a point now where you’re going to have to defend yourself even harder than usual if you want to try and dominate this space. X)

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          The way I see it, worst case I learn why copying the design of IBM i doesn’t work :D

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      I’m very interested in this project and look forward to hearing about it on Lobste.rs. What is the best way to contribute?

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        For Olin: https://github.com/Xe/olin

        For Wasmcloud: https://tulpa.dev/within/wasmcloud (though I will be moving this to GitHub after i get it to the MVP)