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    but without the security mess

    The security mess is just offloaded to some proprietary dongle.

    It isn’t gone.

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      I wonder how vulnerable the usb stack is once you’ve escalated privileges on the dongle over bluetooth…

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        USB (before USB4) has the mitigating feature that all transfers are host initiated: A device can DoS the bus by sending when it’s not supposed to (usually limited because there are tons of USB buses in a device, often one per port), but it can’t send data to the host or other devices when it’s not supposed to. Even when the device is allowed to send, it’s on the host to decide how much data it receives and where in memory it stores it.

        So even if the bluetooth dongle is taken over, it needs to play by USB’s rules to communicate with the rest of the device.

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          But it might fake-disconnect, reconnect, pretend to be a keyboard.

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        Yep. He probably meant that he did not have to cope with all the configuration settings of Bluetooth on a UNIX system. Its really hit and miss on FreeBSD and even if you will be able to configure Bluetooth on FreeBSD for your device - the suspend/resume will be broken until you disable Bluetooth in the BIOS :D