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    Gevaldik. Shkoyakh.

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      Sounds fun! I look forward to it.

      I appreciate when people take effort to improve the world.

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          Did anybody find their privacy policy? I’d like to know what they’re going to do with the email addresses they collect.

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            Hey! Creator here. This is a good point and we’ll add a Privacy Policy straightaway. In short, though, we’re just going to email people when the puzzles are released, and then plan to email them again in the future if/when we have other data games like this. Nothing untoward intended.

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              Nothing untoward intended.

              I think a straightforward promise like “We will not use the email for anything other than these two purposes now or in the future” would build more trust, assuming you can make it.

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                Personally I trust no one when providing an email address. Anyone can say “we will never spam you”, but then send you a bunch of annoying marketing emails that are impossible to unsubscribe from or sell your email to other companies etc.

                That’s why I use services like AnonAddy (https://anonaddy.com/) and/or a domain catch-all address. It makes it less concerning to share my email because each app/vendor/company gets their own unique email address with zero setup. For example:


                This allows you to not only know who sold your email, but also to disable aliases you no longer want to receive emails on, in case they get too spammy or irrelevant.

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            Love it.

            Two tweaks (maybe) for the About page:

            Explore this dataset with the tools of your choice to figure out the answers light the hannukah candles.

            Should that say “to figure out the answers and light the Hanukkah candles”?

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              “to figure out the answers and light the Hanukkah candles”

              Or… “to figure out the answers to light the Hanukkah candles”.

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                Hmm…I think to/and works better than to/to, even if it is slightly less accurate.

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                Yes, you’re right. It’s been hectic pulling this thing together, thanks for helping tighten it up!

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                  My pleasure—and sorry to be nitpicky. I’m a teacher, and it can be tough to turn off the part of me that grades and corrects papers.

                  I love the idea and the ASCII art.

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                IT BEGINS

                I’m doing them all in Excel!

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                  Eyze keff