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    In StrongLoop’s defense, they did provide plenty of documentation and the Express website is super helpful. They did a lot to make the Express project more approachable to new developers. They provided helpful articles and a marketing push.

    But is that enough to justify the massive earthquake they’ve caused? And not even 5 commits to the core project in the last 2 years?

    Eh. They bought it. Maybe the code was fine but the documentation and website needed work - in that case it’s perfectly reasonable for them to work on the documentation and website but not the code.

    “As for why I have not been participating in express since the change, I can simply say that StrongLoop has left me feeling taken advantage of.

    As far as I can tell, there was some kind of implicit expectation that I would just carry on my merry way with express no matter where it went, for free, of course.

    I didn’t even get a “Hey, Doug, so we bought express from TJ and love what you are doing with the project and would like you to continue to lead and maintain it. How can we make this work?”

    I don’t see why you’d be surprised or have this kind of expectation. If you were willing to contribute code for free to an open-source project while it was owned by TJ, why are you not willing to contribute code for free to the same open-source project while it’s owned by StrongLoop? Why would you not just carry on doing what you were doing? Because you think StrongLoop has more money than TJ? Because TJ’s your friend and they’re not? To the extent that StrongLoop was taking advantage of you, TJ was taking advantage of you to in exactly the same way.