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    I would love to read an anthology about small Microsoft applications like Notepad, Paint, and Calculator. I like to imagine that each one has a champion within the company.

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      It really annoys me that the StackOverflow answer from 2017 that was linked in the blog post that just started getting traffic was just edited: https://stackoverflow.com/posts/45645766/revisions

      I feel like the edit was just a vanity edit by somebody who could, but it really annoys me because that’s not what the person answering it wrote. Does anybody else get bothered by unnecessary edits on StackOverflow answers?

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        And Unix line endings! Hands up all those who spent days chasing down a breakage that turned out to be someone editing a Linux file in Notepad (raises hand)

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          Notepad adds a BOM if you save it as UTF-8, it’s one of the few things that does that. It’s wasted dozens of hours on a project that I’ve worked on.

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            I added an automated test to our codebase that would check for BOM in SQL-files, which Windows wielding colleagues apparently were editing in Notepad. I never knew how they did it; thanks!

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          Raymond Chen is my favorite tech blogger.