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    I really liked that post. I feel the same, both philosophically and technologically. All our data is now in the cloud and digital devices, and we sometimes lose some. Usually, it’s no big deal, but losing all your notes can be shattering.

    Since the easiest way to prevent data loss is to backup but Notes.app doesn’t provide an automated way to do it, I created a script that can run automatically from cron and backups notes as html files to a folder: https://github.com/cfenollosa/NotesAppExport

    It’s just an amateur hack, and it can’t save images, but it works, and it’s saved my ass many times since Notes.app seems to be the most buggy software that ships in OSX – getting better recently, though

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      I am in a similar situation. I’ve become extremely reliant on Google Calendar and Gmail, and I was pretty irritated when they started shifting things around with Google Buzz. I wouldn’t have cared if it was some social-media site that started to introduce useless bullshit (looking at Twitter), but I’ve been using Google products as an extension of my brain, and I can’t let somebody mess with that.

      It didn’t come to any kind of data loss, but anyway, for better or worse I decided to write my own. It has almost none of the features the author wants (and right now it is CLI-only), but the data can be commited to git at least.

      EDIT: There’s also taskwarrior, it seems like the most complete opensource tasks tool out there.