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    I’ve been running Fedora Silverblue 36 for the past months after about 27 years on Debian (with a relatively brief detour to Ubuntu) and have generally been really impressed.

    I’m excited to try 37 out once that spin is ready.

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      Wow, 27 years! What Debian version did you use (stable, testing, unstable/sid)? What made you jump to Fedora?

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        I’ve used unstable for the past decade or so because it’s been really stable. In the 90s & early 00s unstable was unstable. There was the libc5/libc6 transition that was rough and the general culture and tooling wasn’t as mature. These days Debian can roll things into unstable without making the whole system unstable.

        I’m playing with silverblue because I love the idea of an immutable system with atomic updates. Theoretically I can do my own “system level” customization in a toolbox. In practice I end up mostly working in the base system not a toolbox so I end up adding stuff and often that means rebooting. Also there’s enough mutable state that affects my actual experience in /etc, ~/.config, etc that I can fuck up my system without having to write to /usr.

        I’ve always wanted to want to use Fedora because I like a lot of the people who work / worked on it and it’s both built as a end user product, and sticks to core free software principles. That’s a tough but imo worthy balance.

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        I have started using Fedora Silverblue 34 myself and so far the upgrades have been really smooth.

        UPD: Just minutes after writing my comment I encountered the same issue as https://ask.fedoraproject.org/t/conflicting-requests-error-while-trying-to-upgrade-to-silverblue-37/27399

        UPD2: Apparently, my Fedora couldn’t update since August and I haven’t noticed… New ostree commits could not be applied due to grub2 error. This solution helped: https://github.com/fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker/issues/322#issuecomment-1214451782

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          Interesting, but a little depressing. From the GitHub thread:

          Yes, I think we all agree that we need more testing for Silverblue. We have those kind of tests in Fedora CoreOS for example, but unfortunately due to the way things are setup right now, we can not copy/paste that for Silverblue.

          I personally have doubts for how stable Silverblue will be long term unless/until it can be part of CoreOS, with specific desktop packages.

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            I think I got bitten by that too. I was trying to add things to my system and it was failing so I went hunting.

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          fedora linux 37 for aarch64 works great for me on a quite affordable ec2 graviton (2? 3? i forget) instance. it’s fantastic, the cloud side of my daily driver (with AsahiLinux on M2 on my lap side, also fantastic)